I have some questions about VMProtect

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I have some questions about VMProtect

Postby shockdot » Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:11 pm


I'm considering purchasing VMProtect to protect my client.

I have some general questions.

Can VM Protect detect if a debugger such as Olly or Ida is present and terminate the process if it's detected?

I find that all of my code is easily understandable when I debug the executable using Olly DBG. Specifically all the variable names and function names are still present. Will VM Protect hide these strings?

Does VMProtect have any kind of performance latency? I would be using it on a video game that I've developed, so I can't have the game being slowed down.

I specifically want to protect a DLL. Would I have to also pack the games EXE (I do NOT want this) in order for me to be able to pack the DLL. I would prefer to ONLY have to pack the DLL.

What are the restrictions on the demo version of VMProtect, I would like to see if VMProtect can do exactly what I need to do before purchasing the full version.