Few Words About VM Protect

Questions regarding purchasing or upgrading of VMProtect
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Few Words About VM Protect

Postby Waqasali766 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:44 am

I am Waqas Ali.

I am a Developer of
SRS = Seagate Repair Station
WDRS = WD Repair Station
HIRS = Hitachi Repair Station
TORS = Toshiba Repair Station

Used for Hard disk Repairing and Data Recovery.

VM Protect is really an Awesome protection software.
Its virtualization system for a selected Method is Very Nice and Awesome.

After Encrypt and Obfuscate the .net Code . i vitalized many methods. the Performance and speed is Really Awesome.

The Serial number protection method is also very nice and Easy.

Here is my recommendation to some user's.
Who want to protect .net application from crackers.

1. Use a power full obfuscation tool to obfuscate and encrypt resource.
2. Add Dongle Encryption every Where. and every time check dongle for presense.
2. use virtualization with Key to as much as possible the method (without Big ,for or Do loops).
4. Add some pragmatically check routines for program startup. to puzzle program, rather then simple login(args).
Good to encrypt start up with dongle, and then with VM protect ultra with Key.
5. add is debugger present check every where as much as possible.
6. Memory Dump is not possible after protect with VM protect.

i hope, a cracker will get a head ache for this type of .net Exe cracking.

I am in Love with VM protect. its 100% perfect for .net application protection.

VM Protect Team really did a great work.

Kind Regards
Waqas Ali

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Re: Few Words About VM Protect

Postby Admin » Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:36 am

Thank you.